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No adventurer goes without gear; no investigator goes without tools.  


Here's where you find yours.


Personal Bible investigation is about empowering yourself to understand the scriptures.  There are lots of resources to help you do just that, and they are freely available.  Bible? How about a fully searchable library of Bible translations cross referenced to Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias and original text helps?  Check out e-sword, the free Bible software. Reading schedule?  For any schedule, any style, any technology - from paper to smartphone - check out Reading Planners.  Lesson plans?  for a set of lessons that will take you through every basic principle of the scriptural message in a challenging and investigative manner, check out the KEY Lessons.


They're here.  Make them your gear!

Old Study
Start here: How to Dig

This is  simple, single sheet, guide meant to provide some structure for beginning a Bible study by laying out a few steps and providing a few easy tips to follow.  
Click the image to download the pdf.  Print front & back or save for easy reference on your device.  
For more study tips, see the Bible Tips pages

Bible software sword of the Lord with electronic edge free program
e-Sword - the sword of the Lord with an electronic edge


e-Sword is a Bible study software suite that is freely available for download and allows users to read from a variety of translations, compare passages in different translations, see the definitions of the words used in the original Bible manuscripts, access Bible maps and graphics, and quickly look up words in Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias.  It's simply a must-have.  The equivalent cost in printed materials would be hundreds of dollars, and the program is absolutely free.  Simply click the image to be taken to the e-sword website, where you can follow the instructions to download.  Note that the commentaries downloads only represent the opinions of their respective authors.

See the how-to guide at  


Also available for Android as "MySword" (Play store), and from the Apple store as "PocketSword".

correspondence courses for investigative study of the Bible to find the gospel truth independently
KEY to Bible Truth

KEY to Bible Truth is a set of lessons designed to lead a student through investigation of the major Biblical themes.  Developed as a correspondence course, these lessons encourage personal examination of scriptural concepts, coupled with review questions over each lesson and individualized help upon request.  An excellent resource, again, made freely available at

Calendar for consistent reading of the scriptures according to a bible companion
Bible Reading Schedules


There are a variety of Reading planners available to help you become familiar with the whole of scripture.  You wouldn't say you knew the Harry Potter series if you'd only read a few pages, would you?  Then why do it with the Bible?  Dive right in, and explore it all - it takes time, but a schedule will get you on the right track.  For an excellent daily reading planner, click here.  For a website version, complete with audio readings, click here, and go to "Daily Bible Readings".  For a customizable smartphone app, check this out.  

correspondence courses for investigative study of the Bible to find the gospel truth independently
Blue Letter Bible

The BLB website and mobile app are an excellent resource for very in-depth Bible study.  We do not condone or promote all the ministerial work associated with the website, but the Bible study resources are unquestionably valuable.

"Blue Letter Bible provides powerful tools for an in-depth study of God’s Word through our free online reference library, with study tools that are grounded in the historical, conservative Christian faith."  -fromt the website


Check out the videos on the main page outlining how to use BLB website and app for android.

correspondence courses for investigative study of the Bible to find the gospel truth independently
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

The ISBE is a classic Bible reference compiled from nearly 10,000 entries written by over 200 different Bible scholars and teachers. In addition to the encyclopedia articles, all of the major words of the Bible are represented and defined.

The historical, cultural, and linguistic information in the ISBE can be of great value in Bible study and research.

A cautionary note: as with any writings of men, the careful student of the Bible must always compare them with Scripture. As you use this helpful study resource, remember that only God's word is pure.  The ISBE was not compiled by authors that considered the scriptures infallible or wholly inspired.

Decoding the Bible with personal, objective study using context, planning, references, resources, etc.


For a good all-purpose guide to objective Bible study, check our the presentation, In Search Of Truth.  It covers preparation, guidelines, and resources for Bible study, plus much more.

Many other videos coming soon!  

Decoding the Bible with personal, objective study using context, planning, references, resources, etc.
Digital Library


Bible-based books, mostly in .pdf files, for free download. 

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For a convenient way to log study time, see our "Rack 'em up" page and download the study log.

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