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These workbooks are a great tool if you need a little help digging in to your Bible more deeply. 

Originally designed as preparation for retreats, they provide you with stepping stones right through a study, pointing to resources that are available and relevant as you go. 

They are designed to provide a platform for developing good study habits and are full of tips on:

  • preparing for a study

  • utilizing resources effectively

  • capturing the key lessons and conclusions of your research

  • realizing a framework for consideration of other topics


Hopefully, by the end of any of these workbooks, you'll have gained not only great insights into the subject characters, but also developed study habits and formulas and the confidence to dive into other subjects.  

A structured study of this sort can open your eyes to just how much is in Bible stories, and just how exciting a study can be, that is, once you get started and begin breaking into the events and characters.  And every study connects, in some way, to every other part of the Bible.  Once you’ve dug into one, every other part of scripture becomes relevant in a way it wasn’t before.  Becomes interesting.  Becomes another opportunity to solve the riddles in it, the treasures hidden for us to find. 

Study Campouts

Study Campouts have centered around a structured exploration of a Bible topic, usually the life of character or event in Scriptures.  The workbooks for each of these campouts guide folks through a study, not by pushing them to a conclusion, but by leading them through a structured system to gain familiarity with the passage, dig in deeper, and then consolidate what's been learned. 

Study Campouts have been held in 2015, 2016, and 2018.  The plans for a 2020 campout were interrupted by Covid restrictions, but several worked through the study anyway.  Information on past campouts can be found by clicking the image links above.


Any future study campouts will be posted here, usually about 6 months before the date of the campout.  If you’d like to be notified, just drop us a message via the contact form to request a notification.  

Campout or not, all of the past workbooks are still available for download and just as useful as ever for doing a guided investigation of part of scriptures.  

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