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Stand on the shoulders of giants, and see further.  Read with Bible in hand.  

Key to the Understanding of the Scriptures

Click the image to download the .pdf book.  The fundamentals of the gospel in concise, easy-to-read chapters.


"This series of studies is designed to present in connected form the fundamental teaching of the Bible. The reader is invited to examine it critically, with the Bible at his right hand, without which nothing can or ought to be determined in relation to God's truth. Though much that we have set forth may appear strange or new when compared with the teaching of most churches, we submit that it can all be substantiated by a 'thus saith the Lord.'"  from the Foreword

Christendom Astray

Written by Robert Roberts.  Click the image to download.

"Popular Christianity (both in faith and practice), shown to be unscriptural; and the true nature of the ancient apostolic faith exhibited."  from the title page.

Elpis Israel ("The hope of Israel")


Written by John Thomas. Click image to download .pdf version of Elpis Israel, 4th Ed. 


"The nature of the work is indicated on the title-page. It is a work showing what the Bible teaches as a whole, and not the elaboration of a new or fantastical theological theory, or the new vamping of an old one. It demonstrates the great subject of the Scriptures, namely: "the Kingdom of God and of His anointed," without which they would be as a nut whose kernel had perished. It is a book for all classes, lay and clerical, without respect of persons, for all are concluded under sin, being all ignorant of 'this gospel of the kingdom.'"  from the Preface

Law of Moses 

Written by Robert Roberts.  Click to download "The Law of Moses".

A treatise on the law of Moses.


Written by John Thomas.  An in-depth look at the Apocalypse (commonly known as the book of Revelations)

Click below to download Eureka Vol 1,2,3 in .pdf format.


Eureka Volume 1
Eureka Volume 2
Eureka Volume 3
Chronikon Hebraikon

Booklet written by John Thomas.  A look at the Chronology (dating) of the events of the Old Testament.  This chronology hold the inspiration of scripture as a foundation, "The great question with the reader should be, not what profane writers of heathen antiquity, and theorists of Apostasy may teach; but what saith the scripture, and how is what is saith to be understood?"