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Past workbook:

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Spring Study Campout - Jonathan (David's friend) 2015

Date: 19-22 March 2015

Location: GJ ranch near Goldthwaite, TX



Sleeping bag or blanket

Sleeping pad


flashlight or lantern

clothes suitable for hiking, and modest


Sunday meeting outfit

bath towel (or 2)

hoodie and jacket (waterproof, preferably)

$20 for meals (optional)

COMPLETED WORKBOOK and resources (not optional)


SCHEDULE (tentative):


~4pm arrival and camp setup

 supper, readings


7:00 am rise call

7:30 breakfast and cleanup

9-10 discussion groups 1 (workbook)

10:15-11:15 discussion group 2 (workbook)

11:45 lunch

1:30pm afternoon workshop

afternoon activities

5:00 supper

6:45 daily readings

8:00 campfire, hymns, casual discussions

9:45 tent meetings

10:00 lights out

11:00 curfew




The Spring Break Study Campout is a workbook-based study weekend targeted at ages 16-25.  A workbook meant to guide attendees through the study of Jonathan is being prepared.  This workbook must be completed by everyone attending prior to the study (see workbook information).   It is intended to take about a month of study to complete.  The idea of this campout is for folks to take time to look into the topic, do in-depth personal Bible study around it, and then meet up with others who've done the same to discuss what we've learned and share our enthusiasm for the lessons from the topic.  While we've planned a few talks and workshops, the completed workbook on the study topic is the center of the campout.  


Meals: Ingredients will be provided for groups to cook simple meals on grills or campfires.  


Accomodations: We plan to provide two large tents, one as a boys' dorm and one as a girls'.  Please brings sleeping bags and mats.  Another open tent provides study space for discussions and talks.  


Everyone is expected to get involved and make the camping projects and group activity (e.g. setting up tents, tables, campfires, cooking, etc.) a source of comradery.  This should be a great time for getting into Bible study and building some strong relationships around the truth and practical life activities.  


All plans are according to the Lord's will and subject to adjustment.  


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