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OUTLINE of Podcast Subjects: 

Purpose: Building Faith

Preparing the Heart

Filling the Cistern

Study, How -to

Having a Vision

Engaged emotionally - expressing the joy and mourning and working for the love of it


"How to Study" study course

Progression of examples:

Tips, General Setup, etc. (sheet for printing/Bible insert)

Workbooks, if needed

Worksheet (firestarter) study

General Template for study

If we create a course that takes someone through the structure of a study and then applies it to a few examples to work through, then they should be able to take away from that a general framework and approach to apply to any study of their own. 

29 Dec Weekly Richard Recordings (Sid & Artist Name
00:00 / 48:14

29 Dec - Sid and I have a chat introducing the purpose and plans for these podcasts.  The aim is building faith, that is creating a storehouse of spiritual resources a person can rely on during harder times.  


Purpose of Building Faith

Having a Vision


Working for the work's sake

Engaged emotionally - expressing the joy and mourning


mention x3: nevercease.org firestarters

Also, nuts and bolts:

casual conversations

informal interview format

12 Jan Preparing the Heart 
Preparing the Heart00001Artist Name
00:00 / 20:21
Preparing the Heart00002Artist Name
00:00 / 14:56
Preparing the Heart00003Artist Name
00:00 / 16:04
Preparing the Heart00004Artist Name
00:00 / 30:44

2 Chron 12

Ezra 7:9

Gen 1 & 2

Rom 5:8

Isa 58:5

Gen 11:31 & 12:5

Heb 11


James 1:5

James 4:8

2 Tim 3:16-17

Mark 9:14-29

Psa 25